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Welcome to Cherry's portfolio

Documentary / Non-Fiction 

Match and Mix _ trailer 

   Duration(full version): 90 mins   (WIP)                         

A Chinese boy abandoned due to a congenital disability reversed his life by being adopted by an American family.
One Family with 56 Minorities  

  7 series documentaries      45 mins / episode                        

Associate Director/Cinematographer/Editor
Silent Dancer 

  Duration(Full Version): 45mins                            

This film narrates a compelling journey of a 17-year-old deaf and mute girl, who makes an effort with her talent, to become her dream role as a formal dancer in China Disabled People Performance Art Troupe (CDPPAT)

 Commercial Film / Promotion Trailer 

Snake White : Love Endures 
Official Trailer for world release and US premiere at SMG

  Duration: 1:10mins version                       

UCLA EWMC 25 Anniversary Fundraising  

  Duration: 4mins                     


Online Video 

Are You Health 

  Duration: 6mins                     

5-year-old little girl plays with Calico Critters Cosmetic Counter and Boutique

  Duration: 6mins                     

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